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    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    College Football Today

    11pm update:
    Georgia lost. LSU won. Virginia Tech is beating Nebraska, and NC State lost to USF. Michigan beat Wisconsin. So, 4 of the top 10 lost and 3 of the top 5. Look for Oklahoma to be number 1 tomorrow, LSU 2. Alabama will move up. Will any of those top 5 losers drop out of the top 10? Who will move in?

    8pm update:

    Wake lost to Navy. Go Navy! But, not good for the ACC.

    And, Alabama is ahead of Georgia, 7-0! Roll Tide (they're my second favorite team this weekend).

    It's only 5pm, and already, it's been a big college football weekend. Southern Cal has lost, Florida has lost, and in my home conference, UNC beat Miami (not an upset, really), Maryland beat Clemson (the most overrated team every season), and Navy is beating Wake Forest at halftime, 17-0. Tonight NC State plays South Florida and Virginia Tech will face Nebraska. Granted neither of those teams are all that good, but, the conference needs good performances and wins, to restore some of the luster lost by early season losses by Virginia to USC, Virginia Tech to ECU, Miami to Florida, and Clemson to Alabama. If Alabama can pull the upset on Number 1-in-waiting Georgia tonight, that might make that loss look less awful, and Ole Miss's victory over Florida adds some luster to Wakes victory over Ole Miss. And, of course, we restored some of that shine with NC State's victory over ECU (a team headed back to reality, though), Tech's shellacking of Mississippi State, and Maryland's win over then #23 California.

    I'm torn whenever Navy plays an ACC team. Conference loyalty requires me to pull for our conference teams, but, I like to see any service academy win, and especially, for obvious reasons, Navy. So, this is kind of a no lose situation.

    Anyway, I wonder, with Paul Johnson installing the triple option at Georgia Tech, will we see more ACC teams schedule Navy early in the season, so that they can get game experience against the triple option with a lesser-equipped team? If Wake loses, the answer will probably be no.

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