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    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    Palin Email, Liberal double-standard

    Remember the email glitch that allowed Republican staffers to see Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee's emails?

    Apparently, no one in the media does, either.

    Although there was never anything illegal done, GOP Staffer Manuel Miranda (I don't make this stuff up) was reading the Dems emails, and passing them to right-leaning news outlets (The Washington Times most notably). These emails provided a smoking gun into the Dems tactics on Bush's Judicial nominees, and revealed some rather unflattering tactics the Dems planned to use (and did use). Things like painting nominees as racists, extremists, etc. You know, the usual stuff. All these emails did was prove it was a concerted, organized effort.

    Anyway, even Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said of Miranda's actions that they were “improper, unethical, and simply unacceptable.” Miranda resigned, and a criminal investigation of him was initiated. Of course, the criminal investigation went nowhere. Miranda was also the subject of a Senate investigation.

    Anyway, the Dems at the time were less concerned about the content of their memos, which showed just how in the tank they were with special interests groups, and much more interested in the "improper" reading and leaking of the emails.

    Funny, that now the talking points are all about Palin's use of private email for public business and little care about the hacking, which may very well violate federal law.


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