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    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Barack and Gianna

    I can't imagine that anyone on the right has not seen this commercial, but if not, you should see it and understand that Barack Obama isn't interested in any reasonable restrictions on abortion (something we might reasonably expect from a doctrinaire liberal who wants to bring "change" to Washington), and never has been, and likely never will be, and this will flow into his litmus tests on judicial appointees.

    The commercial from the group bornalivetruth.org, is posted below:

    I heard Gianna on Hannity yesterday and on H&C last night. She's obviously a committed Christian and despite having CP, she is making her life an example of Godliness for all to see.

    While Colmes didn't really know how to handle her (inwardly, probably as an object of his scorn, as a failure of Liberal policies), he failed to get her to say that 0bama is for infanticide.

    Like many of 0bama's decisions (see post below), despite what may be his best intentions to satisfy his followers (in this case the abortion lobby), this one is another example of failure to see what the consequences of decisions he supports will be, and how heinous they can be.

    Whether it's not understanding your support of Senate Bill 99 would allow the teaching of sex education to kindergartners, or whether failure to pass a BIAPA in Illinois means the deaths of abortion survivors, with the approval of the state, I just don't think we can allow this kind of "judgement" in the White House, regardless of how correct he was in opposing the Iraq War from the beginning.

    As they say in Georgia, even a blind rat finds the cheese sometimes.

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