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    Friday, September 12, 2008

    McCain is computer illiterate? Shocking![updated]

    Updated: New text in red bold italic

    Apparently, the 0bama campaign is writing off the over 65 vote. Today, they released this video, which slams McCain for being computer-illiterate.

    Well, so what, so here's a 72 year old guy and he's computer illiterate? So what? Did Barack Obama ever land a fighter on the deck of a pitching aircraft carrier? I didn't think so, that takes something Barack doesn't have.

    I have news for you, 0, I work in the I/T industry, and there are plenty of people under 65, and 55, and 45, and 35, who are computer loons. Believe me, I work with these people everyday. They're intelligent (mostly), sales reps (mostly), executives (nearly universally, unless they're in the tech industry), and they actually have better things to do than learn computers - like make money and decisions mostly.

    Sure, the 2-25 crowd is perfectly familiar with computers. So what? How many 14 year olds are you going to get to vote for you? McCain doesn't need to learn anything about a PC. He has staffers for that.

    Anyway, here's my idea for a rebuttal to the 0 ad, which starts "A lot has changed since 1982..."

    "A lot has changed since 1973...the year Joe Biden was sworn in for his first of six terms in the Senate (show picture of Biden and his hairplugs).

    "John McCain was released after 6 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, tortured so badly he can't lift his hands above his head to this day (video of McCain's release)...

    "A lot has changed since 1988, the year Barack Obama first sat down in this man's church (show picture of J. Wright saying 'God damn America')...

    "John McCain was establishing his conservative credentials pushing for fiscal responsibility in Congress (show some newspaper article of McCain supporting Gramm-Rudman).

    "A lot has changed since 1995, when Barack Obama was first meeting with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers (show great picture of Ayers and Dohrn in their hippie days)...

    "While John McCain was earning the 'maverick' level by supporting legislation that was unpopular in his own party (not sure we need to remind republicans that McCain-Feingold was going on here, LOL).

    "A lot has changed since 2005, when Barack Obama was getting a sweetheart land deal from indicted Chicago developer, Tony Rezko (insert sinister mugshot of Rezko here)

    "And John McCain was working to get Samuel Alito and John Roberts confirmed as Supreme Court justices.

    "A lot has changed in our world in the last 35 years. What hasn't changed is that John McCain will put this country first as he has done his entire life."


    baronger said...

    Not to mention the fact that the reason McCain doesn't use a computer, is that he can't type or even comb his hair due to torture.

    Obama could have easily found this out if he knew how to use google.

    Jay said...

    That needs to be in my ad. I'll add it. Thanks bar!