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    Monday, September 29, 2008

    I said enough. I didn't mean it.

    I know, I said enough on Sarah Palin, but there's so much more.

    One of my new discoveries, Libertarian Republican, has a couple of interesting Sarah Palin stories. I hadn't thought of Palin as a Libertarian (perhaps because she seems so obviously a social conservative, but, there is a symmetry in a personally socially conservative person being a politically libertarian person), but Eric makes a case for her, just as she's attacked for being a Libertarian.

    In other Palin news, Byron York (National Review) makes the argument that her handlers (former Bush operatives) have screwed up in how she was rushed out to face the drive-by media.

    Mona Charen has been reading this blog, apparently.

    And, finally, Mark Steyn, one of the best writers in the world, and a criminal in Canada, also shares my view, and of others, that Palin is best left unscripted.

    So, my final advice to Sarah Palin, and all those inept Bushies guiding her:

    1. Stop treating these interviews as job interviews. These people will not give you the job. They don't want you to have the job. They hate you. They hate what you stand for. In these interviews, you are speaking to the American people, to us. We don't care if you know John McCain's biography, or the president of East BFE. And, when these schmucks in the press ask those gotcha questions, we expect you to call them out on it, or use their stupid question to direct fire on the opposition. In fact, either of those approaches are fine with us. Use them.
    2. Be yourself, and, like Mona Charen, stop using the Alaska National Guard thing as foreign policy experience. No one cares, and, we just want to know that you understand the world and what you think the appropriate use of American power is. We want to be assured you realize the War on Terror is the seminal event of our time, and that, like McCain (and Bush), you're dedicated to victory in it, despite the cost.
    3. Attack, attack, attack. Your convention speech was a wonderful attack speech. Maybe you could have delivered any of those lines, because you are a good speech giver (sound familiar?), but I prefer to think that, based on your record, and the fact that you're a Republican, that you actually have some core beliefs and can speak to them. Do it. The Dems are wrong on the most important issue of our lifetime. Beat them over their head with it. Beat Joe Biden to a pulp with the fact that he supported the Iraq War (unlike Obama), and that he supported partitioning Iraq, instead of the surge.
    I am sure I'll think of more. And, McCain campaign, if you're going to want the wisdom of my advice more often, you're going to need to visit more often.



    Eric Dondero said...

    Why, what can I say. Except thank you. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to "pinch" your piece for publication on Libertarian Republican blog, with a link, of course.

    Not all liberals are bad. I've always liked Susan Estrich, and believe it or not, I kinda like Joe Biden too.

    It's the Obama slime I hate. He's beyond liberal. He's a total Fascist.

    Eric Dondero said...

    Oops, I see you're not a liberal blog. Sorry for the error.

    And keep up the good work.

    Jay said...

    Eric, I heartily say theank you back. I enjoyed your site alot abd will visit often.