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    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    In battle of pork, Obamessiah is the "Big" Winner

    Citizens Against Government Waste has spoken on the "Bridge to Nowhere." CCGAW President Tom Schatz said, “The 2006 transportation appropriations bill allowed Alaska to decide whether or not to move forward. Governor Murkowski said yes; Governor Palin said no. Any discussion about the project should begin with facts.”

    In my words, Dems, "Shut up," because you're out to lunch on this, and you do not want to get into an earmarks battle with John McCain.

    If you just check the 2008 CGAW "Pig" database, you will find the Obama and Biden combo sponsored over $200M in pork (0=$90M, Hairplugs=$120M), while McCain sponsored $0.

    In actual earmarks, Obama has requested over $300M of them in 2008, according to his own Senate site.

    This is a debate they do not want to have.

    Nothing represents business as usual in Washington like being a big spender. The only change in Obama is in how quickly he has learned this.


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