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    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Obama is Jesus?

    Wow! The Democrats are completely off their rockers!

    In a chorus of talking points, the last couple of days they have seized upon the idea of 0bama as "community organizer" just the same as Jesus.

    Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) put it best, when he said, "Madam Speaker, I know Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is a personal friend of mine. Sen. Obama is no Jesus Christ." Here's another good analysis.

    I don't know what religion these guys are following, but to compare the Son of God, and Savior of Mankind to a "community organizer" should be something that Christians of all colors, genders, and sexual orientations should find insulting to their intelligence and faith.

    To complete their analogy, they liken Pontius Pilate to Governor Sarah Palin, with the talking point that Pilate was also a governor.

    Now, I don't know what Democrats suddenly have against governors, but I'd like to ask my democrat friends, how can democrat governors absolve themselves of their sins of governance? Is it enough for someone, as Evan Bayh, former governor of Indiana, has done, to be elected to the legislative branch? Is Senator Bayh now immune from future charges that he is Pilate? Or, does the governor tag stay with him his entire career, and now makes him ineligible for national office (at least for the VP or President's job).

    If the democrats really believe this, then I call on ALL democrat governors to immediately resign, so as to protect themselves from becoming Pontius Pilate's. Turn these jobs over to Republicans immediately, since we all know that republicans are evil, nasty people, who want to order the murder of our Lord.

    Could this be the hidden reason why 0bama passed over Tim Kaine, the aforementioned Evan Bayh, and Kathleen Sebelius?



    Matthew said...
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    Matthew said...

    I was referred to this blog by my mother. It rules.

    I had heard somebody reference the Jesus/Pontius Pilate thing a few weeks ago. I thought it was laughable, at best.

    I believe Dennis Miller said it best when he was on O'Reilly after the final Obama segment.

    “Sarah has gotten into Obama’s head so bad that he does not know whether to defecate or wind his watch.”

    "She is so very very deep into his melon, maaaan!"

    Originally deleted for spelling error. I don't think the journalist types would have liked it.

    Jay said...

    You're the man Matthew. Do I know your mother?

    Matthew said...


    Jay said...

    welcome aboard. Tell all your friends.