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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Some advice to McCain/Palin in the foreign policy question

    I watched tonight a little of the McCain/Palin town hall in Michigan.

    I personally have little problem with Palin's experience in foreign affairs. Many other governors have entered the presidency with similar or less experience, and Obama barely has more than her (you have to count his senate trips overseas and his "life experience" as a child overseas). For me, I feel confident that her view of the world and our place in it is going to be much closer to mine than Barack Obama's (or any democrat outside of Joe Lieberman) will be.

    But, I am a little disappointed that, by now, Palin and McCain can't come up with better answers to the question about foreign policy experience than they do.

    Commander of the Alaska National Guard, sending a son off to war, and being an expert on energy policy are not what people are looking for when they ask this question. And, it's certainly NOT what Republicans are looking for.

    Because Gov. Palin is going to get asked this by every stupid network reporter, and even Sean Hannity, here is what I want to hear her say again and again:

    "You know, it is true I have not spent the last 35 years in the United States Senate becoming a self-styled expert [and gasbag] on foreign affairs, but, I want to remind people that Governors have traditionally made some of the best presidents in this nation's history. What Governors know how to do, to succeed, is to lead. We have to make hard decisions, and we have to get them executed, and we have to listen to our staffs, but ultimately, we have to take responsibility for our decisions, not just give speeches about it and pontificate on Sunday news shows. Ronald Reagan used to be made fun of by the media because they all thought he was a rube. Well, you know, like President Reagan, John McCain and I know what our core beliefs are and we know how and are not afraid to make decisions.

    "I'm proud to be standing by a man who risked his presidential aspirations on making the right decision in supporting the surge strategy, even though it was unpopular in bothparties and deemed a failure by Senator Obama and Reid and Speaker Pelosi even before it was tried. John McCain understood what General Petreus was planning, and it is that kind of principled, tested leadership we will bring to Washington, not a speech he gave in 2002. I'm proud to be a part of that."

    So, this hits the obnoxious Biden, weaves in Reagan, shows McCain as maverick, speaks to the strengths of governors, reminds people who's in charge in DC (the very unpopular Reid/Pelosi junta), and uses a Hillary line about 0's inexperience.

    McCain campaign, feel free to use, and if you contact me, I'll give you the replies to the follow-ups, too.

    Start using this daily ad nauseum and make it the only answer.

    Ok, McCainiacs, I'll give you a variation on the first sentence, modify it occasionally to say,

    "You know, I haven't been in the senate since I was 29 years old becoming a self-annointed expert on foreign affairs, without ever actually doing anything. I was a little busy raising a family, cutting people's taxes, and taking on the establishment in my home state." Then take off from the governor's part...

    And, when she's debating Biden, she needs to remind people over and over that this guy has been in the senate since he had hair. The guy's a dinosaur, and incapable of change, and that his plans for Iraq would have been a disaster....but, that's another line of attack...

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