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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    Obama Kids - complete with the "O" Greeting...

    Roger Simon posts about the hideous "Sunday afternoon" video of the Obama-Youth (with production credits to Jeff Zuckerman). If you can stand to watch it, they even do a variation on the Obama Salute.

    An edit my email readers will miss - at the next debate, Senator McCain needs to say, "Senator Obama, I saw that video of the kids singing for you, and I have to say, I appreciate inspiration and all that, but that video is just plain wierd and a little creepy."

    Read the comments and you'll die laughing, except for the horrible truthfulness of it all. I particularly like this one from Nahanni:

    "Anyone still doubt that the only thing that is democratic about the Democratic party is the name and that Obama is a totalitarian demagogue?

    "Unfortunately for all of us we will probably end up with the totalitarians in power because they have a very powerful propaganda machine that worships them and the fact that we have many ignorant people in the electorate that are lapping the swill from the Democratic party up like scum sucking dogs. Blogs, talk radio and certain media outlets are fighting the good fight trying to tell the people who and what the Democrats are but it is not enough.

    "Take some time out and read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, because by this time in 2012 neither document will be in effect in this country."

    Yes, it's going to be a Planet of the Apes moment for the rest of us...

    I command all my minions to watch this classic film clip, because not only is it the great Charleton Heston, we're all going to be muttering the same thing he says in just a few short years...

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