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    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Sex Ed to Kindergartners. Obama says...

    The latest McCain attack ad that has the 0 crowd all fired up is about 0bama's 2003 Illinois Senate views on sex education, particularly with respect to Kindergartners and Senate Bill 99.

    Byron York in National Review today weighs in that McCain is mostly right on this one, that the practical application of the bill is in teaching sex ed to kindergartners, not just to teach them about inappropriate touching. The list of people who won't speak to York on this issue is telling. What do these people have to fear from the truth? If the truth is as 0bama "remembers."

    0bama's support of the bill may have been that he wanted these youngsters warned about the dangers of this touching, but, York, having read the bill, and spoken to at least one of it's sponsors, is clear that the bill was intended to do more than teach about inappropriate touching, and, in fact, that touching was way down on the list of priorities for this bill.

    Sen. Iris Martinez, one of the bill's sponsors, was asked by York, "You didn’t see it[the bill] specifically as being about inappropriate touching?" She responded, "Absolutely not."

    We are left to conclude one of the following about 0bama:
    1. He didn't read the bill and didn't know what it actually said
    2. He is an ignoramus
    3. He is lying
    You take your pick, but I don't like any of these qualities in my presidential choice.


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