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    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    My "Neighborly" Tax Plan

    0bama speaking to O'Reilly really hit the skids talking about socialism and "neighborliness" and telling the rich they need to give more to waitresses (I didn't realize the rich were such poor tippers!). See the video

    I have been pondering this tax idea for a while, but, since 0bama thinks we should be more "neighborly" I want to propose this modification to our tax tables to make them more "neighborly:"

    Whatever the tax bracket you're in, take the last 1/3 of the taxes you pay, and, instead of paying them to the Federal Government to redistribute, let the taxpayers themselves decide how to distribute them to charities of their choice.

    I suggest the United Way administer this program. That way, in our neighborliness, we could target the final 1/3 of our taxes to organizations that want to receive them, can receive them, and would put them to good use, frequently even in our own "neighborhoods." And, they would get more of the money to people who could use it than the redistributionists in Congress, and we might feel better about sending in our money to be redistributed, if we had some say in it.

    And, for those liberals, who feel that the Feds are the best positioned to apportion their money, they can choose the government, instead of the charity(ies) of their choice.

    The rich might not feel so bad giving all that extra money that way, since they do it anyway.

    Come on, 0bama, don't you think that is pretty darn neighborly?

    I even have a name for my bill: "The Mr. Rogers Tax Reform of 2009"

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