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    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Why the Left needs to fear the unscripted Palin

    By special request, I eased my derision of J-school graduates in this version.

    This weekend started the inevitable cry on the Left about when would Sarah Palin face the scrutiny of the MSM on their Sunday shows or their dumb press availabilities.

    The (all-knowing) Left thinks that because Sarah is a former small town mayor, and governor of a red, small, gun-loving, outdoorsperson-friendly state like Alaska, that she's an uneducated rube who won't be able to hold her own against the intellgentsia as embodied in the MSM's chattering class.

    As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not a fan of the people who choose journalism as their careers. J-schools are made up of underachievers (with a few exceptions) and a few idealists who think they're going to change the world by joining the noble call of the 4th estate. They're indoctrinated by liberal professors into the the club and pretty soon they're all aglow with the righteous indignation they usually scoff at when presented by the religious (or the pious, as Cynthia Tucker might call them). At the national talking head level, we mix these folks who have come up through the ranks with refugees from politics (the Russerts, Snuffs, Kristols, Matthews, et.al.) and we have a bunch of egotistical blowhards who think they are smarter than any small-town mayor or little state governor.

    The reality is some of those blowhards are actually smart (and they'll tell you so, just like Joe Biden), but, most of those toiling a layer below these guys (the Cynthia Tucker's of the world), are not as smart as they want to believe.

    Anyway, they misunderestimate Sarah and the reason is the same one that led them to not get Ronald Reagan. People see in Palin that she stands for something, that she has honed her core beliefs, and she actually holds them dear to her.

    For her, answering questions from the MSM is not going to pose a problem. She will answer truthfully and her answers won't need scripting. She will answer from her core beliefs and she'll mean what she says. She won't have to stammer around wondering how it's going to sound, or what the "correct" answer is, because she already has the confidence that people know what her views are, largely share them, and she can just be herself, which is what we ask, just as we asked Reagan to just be himself.

    See, we knew who Reagan was. We knew his core, because we shared his core, and, when he spoke, he spoke from that core, and it was usually good to hear.

    I think Americans, and the conservative movement, sense that same core in Sarah Palin, and we're excited that she's one of us, and she will, I pray, and ask you to also, speak from her core and not fear the ramifications.

    This is something the average Liberal politician can't understand, nor can their sycophants in the MSM. It drove them nuts about Reagan, and it will drive them nuts about Palin. They'll say, "How can she say all these outrageous things against Liberal heterodoxy and get away with it?" and they'll be dumbfounded. Those that share her views will love her absolutely, and those that don't share all her views and aren't died-in-the-wool Kossacks, will respect a leader who speaks honestly and from the heart, and they'll decide, that despite the fact that they don't agree 100%, they want someone who speaks honestly to them, and brings their heart to the game.

    Libs, be very careful what you ask for.

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