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    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Dems are starting to worry

    With today's Gallup poll showing the generic Congressional ballot narrowing to a 48%-45% lead for Dems, you can bet a lot of Democrats are worrying that 0bama is going to be a drag on the ticket. Among likely voters, the generic vote has the Republican candidate leading 50% to 45%. That should be a warning for the 18% approved Congress.

    Since I'm in Virginia this weekend, I happened to just see a Jim Gilmore for Senate ad that is actually tying his opponent, Mark Warner, to Barack Obama. Now, this might be a bit of a long-shot for Gilmore, who trails Warner badly in the polls and in money (the NRSC is not giving him money, because he says they're broke, more likely because he's a lost cause), but, it indicates that Gilmore, at least, thinks 0bama is likely a liability for Warner in Virginia.

    How come in Virginia, with all the military population, we can't get better candidates than Gilmore? Or, is Warner just a phenomenon of the modern Democrat party -- rich guy who buys his way to power, and the easiest way to power these days is via the Democratic party?


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