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    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    Sarah Palin rocks, continued

    Charles Martin has a blog post where he is keeping track of Sarah Palin rumours (most spread by the MSM) and debunking them (h/t The Corner on NRO). Check it out, many of them are quite good, and you can use it with your Liberal friends in debunking their lies and distortions.

    On a related topic, on FNS today, Chris Wallace tried to pin McCain's campaign manager down on when Palin would have a press conference (when was the last time a VP candidate held a press conference during a campaign?). He was pretty adamant that it would happen on the campaign's schedule, but, I think an even better approach would be to tell these people,

    "Sarah Palin is campaigning across America and taking the message of reform that this campaign represents directly to the people, taking questions from the good citizens of this country and sharing her experiences as one of them. As the unprecendented attempts to smear her by the mainstream media highlight this past week, I think the voters are much better served by hearing from Sarah directly, rather than through the distorted prism of liberal media Washington elites. Thank you for asking, though."



    Subvet said...

    Any formal press conference would be an ambush for this woman. If they're smart the GOP will avoid them entirely.

    Jay said...

    Agreed. I failed to mention that at the same time, Biden was appearing on Meet the Press for what , the 10,000th time? The McCain campaign needs to make an issue of how Biden loves to talk to the press and bloviate on these shows.