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    Monday, September 8, 2008

    O'Reilly and his double standard (update)

    Updated 9/9/08: Found the "Christianist" reference!!

    Whether you like Bill O'Reilly or not, you have to agree he's an in-your-face and sometimes obnoxious commentator.

    Here in the Atlanta area, he created a bit of a row, because he is in a tiff with our local newsrag, the Atlanta Journal Constitution's editorial page editor, Cynthia Tucker. Let's stipulate that the AJC is a leftist rag and that Tucker is a reliable liberal, who will spout the party line on cue from her daily talking notes.

    Tucker recently took O'Reilly to task for his comments regarding the Palin's eldest daughter and Jamie Lynn Spears. I agree that O'Reilly needs a beat down, and was practicing a double-standard, but, you can see the hatred for social conservatives in Tucker's column, where she uses the adjective "pious" in a pejorative sense to describe Christians, accuses the Palin's of providing little instruction to her daughter about contraception (as though she has some inside information), and essentially accuses social conservatives of not caring about the mothers or the babies of less well off teenage girls. She has previously referred to those supporting Palin as "Christianists." I tried finding this word in dictionary.com, but couldn't. I also tried finding the column with this word in it, but couldn't so I am going on the quote from her O'Reilly used in his story tonight. Clearly, Tucker has a problem with some Christians.

    Furthermore, Cynthia, in your driveway interview with the O'Reilly producer, you accuse O'Reilly of "hypocrisy." Well, a double-standard, maybe, hypocrisy, no. That would be true if he himself had a teenage daughter who was pregnant. Maybe you can get the definition of that when you find Christianist.

    It is nice to see that Tucker cares so much about the mothers and babies that get born, but, I know if she had her way, there'd be much fewer of these.

    Cynthia, and Jay Bookman, if you're reading this - there's a reason why the AJC is not read by anyone, and why I haven't subscribed to it for 10 years, and it's largely your editorial page. I'm sure, judging by Cynthia's BMW, she's saved enough to survive the unemployment line sure to come, hopefully the rest of the staff has been so lucky.


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